Tradingview, A Bloomberg-like Capability To Non-Professional Buyers

TradingView is the latest group of a web-based charting and trading platform, which offers top charting, and various trading technologies. Nevertheless, TradingView offers so much more and the article will explain the use of TradingView in the most efficient and effective way. This article provides all knowledge you need about the key features of Tradingview.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to setup and customize the TradingView Charts.
  • To know more about TradingView platform.
  • The utilization of advanced charting tools.
  • How to create profiles and templates to get the best charting experience.
  • Some tips about the slighter known TradingView charting functions.

The Overview

The graph given below is showing the normal TradingView platform, which is the most basic form of this platform. If you see in the center, there is a visual price chart and at the top, there is an option that helps you to change the time. This option tells you how to switch between chart views, create price alerts and apply indicators on the left. There is also a way to pick up the charting tools. The platform also offers the option to generate new profiles and different chart templates and to switch between different layouts. There are tools available to create a watch list, delivered trading ideas, news calendar, and much more finally given at the bottom right TradingView offers various features and functions, which are very simple to use.

Creating a Tradingview Profile

At first, everyone wants to create new profiles for their chart layouts and in a profile, you can include various integrated markets, and you can also include those markets that you want to monitor together to make your trading more organized and effective. Click on the term Unnamed to create a new profile where it allows you to type a name for your profile.

TradingView and Cryptocurrencies

TradingView is one the best community platform for traders and investors with loads of signals and knowledge shared with the members. The platform provides in-depth analysis of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. The platform also provides important updates about Bitcoin, which is very useful for every investor to stay up to date.

TradingView is also one of the leading trader community, which concerns all major tradable assets such as Forex, Stocks, Futures, and Indices. If you want to search a Bitcoin chart for a specific exchange, TradingView has the ability to provide all supported exchanges such as Huobi, Poloniex, Coinbase,, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, ItBit, Hitbit, eToro and more. The chart section provides all the tools for in-depth-analysis in a modern chart design. If you are a beginner, you can practice Bitcoin in demo mode, which is a great feature to get used to actively trading. There are no Bitcoin brokers available for live trading because this demo tool is only for beginners.     


Getting a million members is not an easy thing to do. But TradingView was able to do so all alone and without any advertising budget. Providing to incredible 100-plus countries and proposing a Bloomberg-like capability to non-professional buyers, TradingView succeeded on the ability to grow quickly using its unique API. This platform also provides all its tools and features through a downloadable app and in a browser. Traders can, hence, view candlestick charts and even make their technical investigation right from their mobile devices.

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