Stratis (STRAT) Finally Delivers with ICO Platform Launch, Smart Contracts Alpha

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The Stratis project took a while, but it will be one of the platforms for C# developers to handle smart contracts.

Stratis (STRAT) is preparing for the smart contract platform release on May 16, and the announcement coincides with a recovery of crypto coin prices across the board. Ahead of the official launch of the platform, STRAT sank to $6.02, after spending several days around $7.

For now, STRAT seems to have run its course, and another 10-fold increase in price is improbable. STRAT was known for being one of the most lucrative ICOs, having grown from sub-penny prices to as high as $20.

There are many platforms offering various approaches to smart contracts, including visual building tools. Solidity, the language on the Ethereum blockchain, remains the most widely used. But Stratis targets one of the biggest developer communities, and indirectly connects to Microsoft technologies.

Recently, Stratis also launched its much-awaited ICO platform, allowing a whole new breed of tokens to exist. Now, with a smart contracts platform release, Stratis is finally growing to transform its ecosystem beyond being a simple coin.

Stratis is also a low-return staking coin, when using the official wallet. So far, the project has been slow on marketing, but lines up well among the most prominent platforms. Based in Britain, Stratis is the European option for a platform. Platform coins beyond Ethereum include NEO, QTUM, Icon (ICX), Stellar (XLM). TRON (TRX) will transform into a platform after the mainnet launch, and VeChain (VEN) will soon start distributing VeThor tokens for staking, becoming a dual-asset platform.

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The launch of ICO projects would be a big boost for Stratis. The STRAT coin has a total supply of 98.8 million coins, close to the Ethereum supply. The ICO platform will allow for fundraising in 50 crypto coins – but will only allow the ICO project to reserve 400 BTC. All other assets would be automatically converted to STRAT, thus increasing demand.

For Gluon, the first STRAT ICO, there is also a lockdown period of two years. It is thus possible that if enough projects are built through STRAT fundraising, the price has the hypothetical possibility of reaching Ethereum’s levels.

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