Singapore-based EurekaPro to Become the First Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange in Southeastern Asia

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A Singaporean fiat-to-crypto trading platform has been officially launched into operation across the South-east Asian region.

A fiat-crypto exchange called EurekaPro with headquarters in Singapore has entered the cryptocurrency exchange market in Southeastern Asia with a promise to make virtual currency trading more accessible both for companies and retail traders of the region, the local media outlet Finews Asia reports.

EurekaPro is by no means the only platform that offers digital asset trading services in the region overtaken by a cryptocurrency boom. Thus, Coins, targeting markets in the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand is considered the biggest exchange for virtual currencies with over five million registered users. Also. Binance announced closed beta testing for its Singaporean fiat-crypto exchange last month.

However, EurekaPro claims to be the first regional cryptocurrency exchange that allows trading digital coins for fiat money, including the Singapore dollar, Malaysian ringgit, Indonesian rupiah, and other Asian fiat currencies.

The company, originally established in Sweden, is headed by Junus Eu, Douglas Gan, and Kin-Wai Lau. The founders aim to tap a huge and yet unsaturated market with ever-growing demand on cryptocurrency trading services. Southeast Asia’s active blockchain community and rapidly growing middle class open up tremendous opportunities for crypto and blockchain related companies.

EurekaPro issued its proprietary ERC-20 compliant utility token (EKT), compatible with third-party services, wallets, and other exchanges. It is supposed to provide maximum utility and convenience to traders, bridging the gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

“Our platform represents a unique proposition for the blockchain space in Southeast Asia, by removing or reducing entry barriers to the crypto market that may otherwise prevent consumers from adopting blockchain technology EurekaPro aims to empower consumers with two things: the knowledge to harness the potential of blockchain through our online education platform; and the means to break into the crypto market by making fiat-to-crypto transactions easier,” EurekaPro co-founder and CEO Junus Eu commented.

The platform attracted 8,000 user signups during the first week after an official open public beta launch.

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