Recommended Read: Master of Coin

Master of coin is for people who have interest in learning about all the basics of cryptocurrencies and their technical operations. Its a perfect book for the people who are building a bitcoin app or starting a bitcoin business. This book has the ability to help you engineer money. From buying a dress to using a bitcoin wallet, from running a marketplace to creating new financial innovations this book will help you. If you want to unlock application program interface this book will help you.

From the Master of coin, you can learn anything about decentralizing digital money. The internet has converted many industries such as entertainment, travel, and retail. The book tells us that cryptocurrency in the form of decentralizing digital money can change the foundations of credit, financial service, and money. It also has the power to change institutions and social activities that we associate with corporations, voting, money, law, and governance.

Where it all started

In this book, the author highlights that bitcoin is the first successful digital currency. Bitcoin is the point of beginning for every person that is interested in decentralizing money. Master of coin describes the foundation of bitcoin and other currencies. It also explains the cryptographic basics such as network protocols, keys, addresses, mining, data structure, and underpin bitcoin. And it explains each topic with the story of a user, key concepts, and elegant analogies.

The first two chapters of the book provide a broad introduction of bitcoin. The introduction is also easy for the person who doesn’t know anything about bitcoin. Further, the book explains the technical details about bitcoin operation. Master of coin focuses on technically minded people who are interested in bitcoins. Anyone can use this book as a reference book or as a guide for cryptocurrencies. Entrepreneurs and technical professionals can also use it as a reference book about digital currencies and bitcoin. It tells us that Bitcoin is in its initial phase right now and it has already produced multi-billion dollars. At the moment cryptocurrency is completely affecting the global economy that is growing extremely well.

The Author of Master of coin

The author of this book is Andreas M. Antonopoulos. He is an educator, speaker, and one of the most known blockchain and Bitcoin expert. Andreas has the ability to make subjects easy to understand. He delivers talks on psychology, economics, game theory, current events, and technology. this book “Mastering Bitcoin” is definitely one of the best guides written about the technology. The author also writes a book “The Internet of Money” which became the bestseller on Amazon.


Master of coin is the perfect book for the person who wants to learn more about cryptocurrency. This book tells us about the history of the bitcoin and also predicts the future of the bitcoin. The author explains each topic in detail and anyone can understand this book easily. If you are new in the business of bitcoins then this book is for you. Cryptocurrency business is taking over the market quickly so it is important to know about bitcoins and this business for our future. This book is available on Amazon.

Cryptocurrency: 5 expert secrets for beginners, Master of Coin

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