Recommended Read: Cryptocurrency Investing Bible

Cryptocurrency Investing Bible is a book which is written by Alan T. Norman who is a savvy, proud, and an ethical hacker from San Francisco. The book Cryptocurrency Investing Bible is easily available on Amazon. This book is all about cryptocurrency market where you can find all the needed information if you are a beginner. This book contains information about Mining, Ethereum, Blockchain, Exchanges, ICO, and other top cryptocurrencies.

Why should you Read the Cryptocurrency Investing Bible

The writer wants the reader to learn new things and keep an open mind because the world is moving really fast and we have to move with it. The book will tell you about the top ten cryptocurrencies, digital currency exchanges like binance, eToro, coinbase, changelly and many more. The book will also cover the technical implementation of Ethereum platform, Blockchain, and other problems of the cryptocurrency world. The most interesting part of the book is that it will outline many smart investment strategies.

Summary of Cryptocurrency Investing Bible

In chapter one of the Cryptocurrency Investing Bible, the writer talks about his journey and how he gets infected with the false beliefs about cryptocurrency. In this chapter, the writer explained some points about why you should enter the business of cryptocurrency and how to set goals and determine the key rules of the market.

However, chapter two is all about the principles of cryptocurrency. The writer also explains the advantages of cryptocurrency and about the Batman of our time. While chapter 3 is a very important chapter as it includes all the information about Bitcoin and Mining. In this chapter, the writer explains that mining is a process of developing new Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies. For example, a person sends money from your wallet to another person’s wallet, in this world, the transaction falls into a mempool. The writer further explains that mempool is just a collection point of all transactions which waits to receive a confirmation from the network.

Chapter 4 is about Blockchain where the writer explains the need for blockchain, the problems, and the reasons for its popularity. Further, the writer talks about the idea behind blockchain which is to replace those institutions that are running by imperfect human beings. The writer also talks about the working of the blockchain, features, how to create a block, transactions adding, block ID & time stamp, and how to link blocks together. Then chapter 5 is about wallets and techniques to securely store bitcoin.

However, chapter 6 is important because it is all about Ethereum Platform in which writer talks about the creation, functions of Ethereum Platform, and about the smart contracts which tells the reader about the way to make a deal with a person you don’t trust on the internet. Chapter 7 is one of the best chapters of this book because it tells you about the 10 best cryptocurrencies of the world, and where you can track their prices. 


There are 15 chapters in Cryptocurrency Investing Bible which provides all the relevant and reliable information about cryptocurrency, bitcoins, and blockchain. This book gives basic yet quite extensive information for those people who do not chase a rainbow but want to build a long-term profitable business in one of the cryptocurrency areas: from mining to investing. If you are a beginner when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and just want to learn more and don’t want to spend much time researching online – than this book might be helpful for you.

Cryptocurrency investing bible

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