Recommended Read: 5 Secrets A Cryptocurrency Beginner Must Know

The book “cryptocurrency, 5 expert secrets for beginners is a real must read for every cryptocurrency beginner. As it a great informative guide which teaches cryptocurrency beginners all the cryptocurrency basics and will learn cryptocurrency beginners how to invest in cryptocurrencies.

About the Authors

The book cryptocurrency: 5 expert secrets for beginners is written by Anthony Tu who is the founder of He is an entrepreneur, financial advisor, and a philanthropist. Anthony was born in Australia where he completed bachelors of commerce and focus on Economics and Finance afterwards. He is passionate about empowering and inspiring individuals with his knowledge of the financial sector.

Summary of the Book

Cryptocurrency, 5 Expert Secrets for Beginners is a balanced introduction of the cryptocurrency world to those who are still wondering what is cryptocurrency. This book provides the explanation of what a cryptocurrency is along with an exceptionally helpful lesson in the terminology that covers the subject. It is a fact that cryptocurrency is the newest craze, especially among the people who are looking for a business. Nevertheless, while most of us have some information about what cryptocurrency is and how it can be used? Very few have the right idea of how to start investing in them.

In this book, Antony Tu provides us with a clear idea of the basic rules, regulations, system, and financial principles of cryptocurrency. Which knocked down many of the myths that we hear these days about the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The author guides us the basic and most reliable information that we need to understand before entering into the investment market. Antony also talk about the details of risks and benefits which are involved with the trading of cryptocurrency. And introducing good principles without kicking any single cryptocurrency that is available in the market.

Certainly, this is a general information book about the blockchain rather than a specific cryptocurrency. As this book also tells us about the technologies that are involved in the creation of the blockchain and how we can use them to our advantage. This book also provides a very clear and short description of various ways in which we can reduce risk, from buying or investing in it right, and hopefully makes a reasonable profit. In the last section, the book offers a series of tips on trading which includes strategies to protect your investment, the storage of cryptocurrency, and the things that should be avoided.

Popular Cryptocurrencies In A Nutshell

Anthony Tu also explains specific cryptocurrencies in detail. which are known as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum and so on. The cryptocurrencies explained by the author are one of the most popular digital currencies present in the world. The book tells us about the history and origin of each cryptocurrency. Next, to this, it also explains the ways to purchase and mine them with the technology that inspires everyone.


Overall, the book is a basic informative guide. Which is excellent for the people who are thinking of starting investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This book also explains the potential risks and the benefits of any cryptocurrency. This is the first time the author Anthony Tu reveals 5 expert tips that will provide the beginners with a basic guide about the cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, Ethereum etc. If you could describe yourself as a cryptocurrency beginner than this book is definitely a must-read for you. As Anthony Tu would say:  “Never invest in a business you do not understand.”

Cryptocurrency investing bible

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