Malta’s Delta Summit: Binance CEO Says He Owe Success to Right Partners and a Lot of Luck.

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The co-founder and CEO of Binance Chanhpeng Zhao spoke about the future of cryptocurrency and shared his plans for Binance’s development.

Delta Summit kicked off in Malta yesterday with many crypto influencers, blockchain experts and industry veterans already sharing their fascinating stories of success and providing valuable insights for the industry’s development.

Chanhpeng Zhao, co-founder and CEO of Binance, one of the largest and most successful cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, spoke about the future of cryptocurrency and exchanges as he sees it. He has been engaged in crypto and blockchain since 2005, and has a thorough understanding of its benefits and challenges.

It took him less than half a year to take Binance from a nascent startup to one of the largest and most influential players among crypto trading platforms. Speaking about this tremendous success, Mr. Zhao said that the company was fortunate to get started at the right time with the right set of tools to satisfy strong demand for cryptocurrency trading services at a time when Bitcoin and other digital assets skyrocketed.

Mr. Zhan also cited various partnership deals that helped him to build the exchange and create a secure and easy to use platform that would satisfy the needs of cryptocurrency traders. In 2018, Chanhpeng Zhao announced his plans to move the headquarters of Binance to Malta due to favorable business conditions, evident regulatory efforts and the pro-crypto stance of the government.

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Next, Binance aims to launch a decentralized exchange in Malta in 2019. As a part of a partnership agreement with the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE), the company plans to build a comprehensive platform for security token trading that will encompass MSE’ 26-year-experience of operating a regulated stock exchange and dynamic business model of Binance, based on blockchain and technology innovations. This symbiosis will allow to tokenize traditional financial assets and trade them on blockchain as security tokens.

Apart from that, Mr. Chanhpeng Zhao said that he put a lot of emphasis and effort on charity as blockchain technologies can transform this area, making it much more transparent and effective. Earlier this year, Binance partnered with Malta to foster blockchain technology adoption in charitable work.  

Cryptovest team is attending Delta Summit in Malta and reports an amazing turnout with lots of networking opportunities.

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