HoshoCon Aims to Take Blockchain Security to the Next Level

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At the upcoming HoshoCon, security industry experts will share their vision for best practices in the blockchain domain.

Hosho Group, a global leader in blockchain security, is organizing its first blockchain security event, HoshoCon, which will take place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from October 9th – 11th, 2018.

The event will cover a wide spectrum of blockchain security topics and touch upon various regulatory and legal aspects. Global cybersecurity experts will discuss issues facing the industry and demonstrate state-of-the-art technologies designed to prevent security breaches in the blockchain community.

Hosho, an acknowledged cybersecurity standard setter, aims to bring together prominent security experts, lawyers, developers, and professionals from other blockchain-related areas to take cybersecurity technology to the next level and step up efforts to strengthen the industry’s defenses against hacks and breaches.

HoshoCon will feature keynote speeches and presentations by leading experts, exhibition displays located on 25,000 square feet of space, and a dedicated track with panels and workshops for developers. In addition, the conference organizers will hold a hackathon with the assistance of winners and promoters of the world’s most famous DEV CON competitions. Visitors will get the chance to participate in one-to-one mentoring sessions and networking during Las Vegas night parties.

“We are excited to announce our first blockchain security event and the opportunity to collaborate with other cybersecurity leaders to educate companies about the importance of security in the blockchain industry and its wide-ranging implications outside of just the technology. With decentralized technologies, the repercussions of a hack are much greater than in traditional technology, not to mention the regulatory or legal implications that are emerging every day. HoshoCon will raise awareness and encourage executives to take the necessary security measures to protect their products and services from hacks and better manage their risks as the technology continues to flourish,” stated Yo Sub Kwon, founder and CEO of Hosho.

The blockchain industry often overlooks security aspects, which may lead to potentially devastating issues in the wake of a product launch. Hosho’s primary goal is to help companies successfully deploy their solutions by providing smart auditing and penetration testing. Its services help protect investors, users, and developers, thus improving security standards in the blockchain industry. HoshoCon hopes to facilitate the implementation of security practices among blockchain companies.

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HoshoCon will bring together experts and entrepreneurs from leading security technology providers, including such high-profile names as:

  • Dave Museby, Security Maven, HyperLedger
  • Mikko Ohtamaa, Chief Technology Officer, TokenMarket
  • Michael Perklin, CISO, ShapeShift
  • Anand Prakash, Founder, AppSecure
  • Alena Vranova, Co-Founder, Satoshi Labs
  • Adam Draper, Managing Partner, BoostVC
  • Pavel Kravchenko, Founder, Distributed Lab

HoshoCon attendees will be able to take part in various educational presentations and workshops, mingle with industry leaders and meet key figures in cybersecurity. Registration is open to professionals from any industries interested in security issues.

Visit the official website of the conference to get more detailed information or register for the event with a 30% discount for Cryptovest readers using this link.

About Hosho

A leader in blockchain security, Hosho focuses on enterprise-grade solutions both for big corporations and startups. Being a provider of sophisticated smart contract auditing and penetration testing services, Hosho sets standards for blockchain security and helps reduce blockchain vulnerability to cyber threats. It plays an important role in the blockchain industry by resolving issues that may lead to funds being lost or stolen. Please visit www.hosho.io for more information on the company and its services.

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