CRYPTO: A Micro-Short Bitcoin Horror Film

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Any crossover between bitcoin and popular culture can only help raise awareness of our favorite cryptocurrency across a wider audience. Though we cringe at many of the awful attempts at crypto-pop, we know that exposure is ultimately a good thing.

Earlier this year, we were treated to comedic crypto-short ‘Buy the Dip’. Now, fans of the horror genre can have their crypto-nerves frazzled, watching micro-short… ‘CRYPTO’.

The Mann Behind the Micro-Short

Alex J. Mann is a Los Angeles based writer, director and producer, who has been described as “the Wes Craven of social media”. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for :

“I’m an observer of the culture and dedicated hodler.”

“I’ve been following bitcoin since 2013, although didn’t have the insight to make a short film about it until early-2018. Like many people with bitcoin, I acted too late.”

“I run a content studio, Space Oddity Films. We make short form horror/thriller videos about tech. Bitcoin seemed like a necessary topic to explore.”

“I’ve been obsessed with tech since I was a little kid — I took apart my first Nintendo to see how it worked, I built my first computer, and have started several tech companies. My work as a filmmaker is a natural evolution of my interests.”

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“I’m considering producing a Coinye West biopic, but only as an awards contender.”

Thanks and best of luck, Alex!

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