Coinigy, Professional Tools For Cryptocurrency Traders

Coinigy offers digital access to both the global cryptocurrency and financial markets. Live prices from the most important cryptocurrency exchanges are stored in a list. Prices are analyzed by using which trading tools and indicators. Coinigy is a company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a digital platform to reach the global financial markets of the cryptocurrency world. Coingy can allow you to trade over 45 of the most widespread cryptocurrency exchanges with your desktop or through a mobile app. Coinigy can link to the world’s most common and largest Bitcoin exchanges, which comprise Bitstamp, BTC China, Bitfinex, CEX.IO and many more. Pretty much all of the best-known Bitcoin exchanges are present on the platform.

What Tools Does Coinigy Provide?

With Coinigy, you will be able to connect to different exchanges by using API’s. This means that you can trade all your account with the help of a single interface. It is 100% encrypted and secured and the data feeds are excellent. Coinigy also offers tremendous charting tools and the functions available at which include:

  • Trading from 45+ exchanges 
  • Coinigy for Android allows you to trade all your cryptocurrency  directly from your mobile handset
  • 24/7 wallet and exchange security monitoring
  • Cloud-based and enjoys 99.9% uptime
  • Price alerts offered via SMS, e-mail or fixed in-browser
  • A real-time API linking to your accounts and providing your past feeds

Why Use Coinigy?

The platform assures a smart, simple and safe experience. As a cryptocurrency platform, it can allow you to access digital currency services across various systems. It supports almost 45 various Bitcoin and Altcoins exchanges like Binance Bitrex eToro and many more all over the market. Certainly, Coingy is use to trade and it combines all your trading accounts into one place while keeping fully encoded user data. All the accounts in Coingy are present in one place so you can place orders and keep track of all your trades.

This platform allows its users to keep track on their balances, deposit funds and assess the rising trends on the major cryptocurrency exchange. There are also no funds kept on the website of Coinigy, offering a certain safer customer experience. The latest twists and changes into the software now also benefit users make improved and more certain choices when it comes to the varying nature of market situations. This is all with respect to growing profit and trading efficiently. The funds are stored on the exchanges itself, or in their digital wallets which are especially apart from the exchanges.


Coinigy offers an application-programming interface (API) which allows account holders to access their account, check market data, place or cancel orders, and check cryptocurrencies located on a watch list. However, Coinigy is an extravagance rather than a need. The platform offers a lot of ease through its incorporation of exchanges and features, but at the same time, all these things are also available elsewhere, often free.  So, If you have the money to spare and you take trading seriously, Coinigy is a must have for you.

Coinigy trading platform

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