Exchange Reviewed: CEX.IO, Leveraged Cryptocurrency Trading Made Easy

If you want to send money to someone by using bitcoin then you need a cryptocurrency platform. CEX.IO is a London based bitcoin exchange which is founded in 2013. This exchange helps you to sell, buy, and trade cryptocurrencies. This exchange is famous because it allows withdrawals to credit cards. CEX.IO exchange rates follow the platform’s market activity, where can sell, and buy cryptocurrency with fluctuating exchange rates. This exchange rate is reasonable, if we compare this exchange rate with another cryptocurrency. Sometimes, you will have to pay higher fees for buying and selling cryptocurrency when using CEX.IO. It is important for every person to find a trusted exchange, where they can feel safe even after sharing their financial details and information. 

The Issues in Cryptocurrency Industry 

The cryptocurrency market is highly competitive, and it gains more attraction from different communities and regulators. This is the reason behind bitcoin quick price increase and dropdowns. Every sudden price increase creates a hype in the population and when the price falls the hype burst down as a bubble. It depends on the situation of the market that regulators are supporting cryptocurrency or not. The news in the media and the activities of the regulators can decrease the trust of the people. There is a chance that these activities can increase the instability in the market. The involvement of unreliable ICOs can increase the instability because they only focus to collect the funds. In this situation, the regulation has become a worse issue for the crypto community.     

Strengths of CEX.IO Exchange

The CEX exchange has the best available features, the people who are new in this business can also understand them easily. The website is very easy to use as it offers several services such as security, trading pairs, and deposit methods. The exchange also supports deposits which are made with the credit cards from many countries.  If we compare other exchanges, CEX.IO accepts credit cards from more countries. The competitors of this exchange also have no margin trading. CEX offers margin trading on BTC/EUR, ETH/USD, BTC/USD, ETH/BTC pairs. The CEX exchange completes orders through fill-or-kill (FOK), which makes the transactions faster and easier for new users. Even the advance platforms do not offer FOK orders. This exchange offers a mobile application, it has received more than 101 thousand downloads from GooglePlay. The new user can sign up for their social media accounts. CEX.IO has done well so far but other exchanges have experienced severe thefts.


CEX.IO is one of leading bitcoin mining pool which is very popular among new users. CEX.IO is successfully adapting its key business practices to suit their market. The CEX.IO exchanges allow their users to buy bitcoins for low fees and through credit card also. The users also have the option to purchase for free with bank transfers. CEX.IO is of the best trading platform available today, together with Binance, eToro, Bitfinex and Coinbaseit also supports margin trading with 1:2 and 1:3 leverages. The features like negative balance protection and automatic funds borrowing make this trading easy for new users.

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