Affiliate Program Bitpanda Explained

If you want to increase your stash of cryptocurrency, the common option is to buy more and trade. However, this is not the only way to go. There is also various affiliate program out there, which gives you a chance to earn cryptocurrency. All of the affiliate programs are online, therefore, target a wide audience. Bitpanda is such an affiliation program, which supports Bitcoin and Altcoins. The platform is currently mostly popular with European Bitcoin users.

This platform accepts Europe’s most common payment methods, which include EPA, Skrill, Visa/MasterCard and Neteller. It is a company founded in 2014 in Vienna, Austria. It is aimed to assist users who want to purchase or sell Bitcoin and Altcoins quickly. Bitpanda is unique due to its numerous payment means. Its wallet has a fully automated order system, which allows users to complete their transactions within seconds.  the platform proposes 5% revenue share as commission. It means that you will receive 5% of whatever the company gets, which is often minimal.

What Fees Bitpanda Charge?

Bitpanda charges a low fee usually around 2-5%, which depends on the payment method. This fee is not displayed publicly on the website. The transaction is added to the purchase price when you checkout to buy or sell bitcoins. However, the platform must work on this issue of displaying fees for customers. Keeping the fees away from the public only intensifies the complaints. Another important thing to note is the high fee because of the risks related to credit cards Normally, the fee is around 2% above the normal rates. So, if you want to use Bitpanda, be ready to fork out a higher fee and additional surcharge.

Is Bitpanda Safe?

Bitpanda is one of the most trusted and reliable exchange platforms in Europe. This platform aims at being a top cryptocurrency and wallet site. Customers love Bitpanda for being automated however, there are some complaints regarding the site optics. It offers good security protocols like 2-factor authentication and ID verification to enable credit card payment.

Why Should You Use Bitpanda?

When purchasing cryptocurrency, the best way to guarantee the security of your investment is to consider getting an account with a reliable broker that understands your needs. There are various reason why one should use Bitpanda. One of the most important reason is it’s sleek and easy to use interface. Bitpanda is a good start for beginners who want to avoid any headaches that come with the process. The second reason is its availability in over 30 countries in the world. It has built its reputation as a reliable platform and offering affordable prices to EU customers. It also comes with enormous speed and security in its process. The transaction and verification process only takes a minute to complete.


Bitpanda is an Austrian company specializes in selling cryptocurrency. Bitpanda won a startup award in October 2016 and is a trusted company in Bitcoin space. This exchange platform is unique and it allows you to end the transactions in seconds. Being able to support several payment methods is also a plus point to them. Looking for another good alternative? Take a look at Changelly, eToro, Binance, and Coinbase

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