Bitcoin Cash Acceptance Grows — Dish Network and Flow Partner With Bitpay

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This week Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents will be pleased to hear that more merchants can now accept bitcoin cash due to the crypto-payment processing firm Bitpay announcing a few strategic partnerships this week. The first announcement stems from the subscription cable provider, Dish, who announced on August 9th that BCH is now accepted as a payment option after collaborating with Bitpay. Further Bitpay joined forces with the firm and BCH payments can be used with global cross-border e-commerce platform on more than 60 different payment methods across 200 countries.

Television Network Dish Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash Acceptance Grows — Dish Network and Flow Partner With BitpayBitcoin cash payments can now be used to pay for cable subscription services with the company Dish after the firm announced migrating away from its former payment processor to Bitpay. The partnership allows Dish customers to utilize their bitcoin cash to pay for monthly subscriptions, and pay-per-view movie events. The company says as a push transaction customers must send the exact amount of BCH needed to make a one-time payment. John Swieringa, Dish executive vice president, and the chief operating officer says the reason they adopted BCH is for the same reason they adopted BTC back in 2014.     

“We’ve added Bitcoin Cash just as we chose to accept Bitcoin to serve customers who have adopted a new way of doing business,” explains Swieringa.

Bitcoin Cash Acceptance Grows — Dish Network and Flow Partner With BitpayBCH proponents can use bitcoin cash to pay for monthly subscriptions with Dish and pay-per-view events.

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Bitcoin Cash Acceptance Grows — Dish Network and Flow Partner With BitpayAnother partnership with Bitpay that also adds more merchant acceptance to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is the company’s integration with the cross-border e-commerce platform The Flow business model is expanding its services to allow cryptocurrency payment processing through Bitpay. The collaborative effort enables Bitpay to process BCH transactions in real-time with more than 60 payment methods in over 200 countries on Flow’s application.

“As an addition to Flow’s platform, bitcoin and bitcoin cash are ideal for international e-commerce payments making it easy to buy and sell goods from countries where traditional forms of payment are unavailable,” said Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer at Bitpay.

Of course, BCH enthusiasts are always pleased with more merchant acceptance and added BCH payment infrastructure support. Bitpay’s union with Dish gives BCH fans the ability to pay for cable television services with bitcoin cash. With the partnership however it will still be up to the merchant if they want to accept cryptocurrency payments but nevertheless, the option is there for customers.

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